Done with Instagram? Try dawwdle.

dawwdle ditches the addictive parts of social media to create a uniquely calm online space.

Likes, comments, and views are exhausting. Trending content and sponsored posts are a waste of time.

That’s why I built dawwdle. dawwdle is inspired by social media, but cuts the addictive parts and focuses on the story the pictures and events in your life tell.

Click here to see what a typical dawwdle account looks like.

Or start dawwdling today and see the differnece.


Small Network

Connecting on Dawwdle requires email address to connect on Dawwdle. That means no creepy weird requests from your high school friend’s cousin’s friend.


Not Addicting

Comments, like, reposts – they keep us hooked. Dawwdle does away with them so you can post what you want without the worry.


Influencer Free

There’s no pressure to post the perfect picture or find the rights hashtag. And you won’t find influencers in your feed. Just the content you and your connections create.

Ready for a stress-free social media alternative?